What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Search For Perfect Cheese On Toast; Calveley Mill Burner

There's a simple brilliance to Cheese on Toast as a snack. It's heavy enough to almost class as a meal, stodgy enough to eat at the end of a boozy night out and easy enough to make that even the most culinary challenged individual can achieve. Here's my search for the perfect cheese on toast

Calveley Mill Finest- Burner Cheddar with mixed peppers and garlic
A recent trip out to Bakewell culminated in a trip around the local bank holiday market and a session of obscure cheese sampling on a local market stall. The cheese sampling session led to the discovery of Calveley Mill Burner Cheese. A cheddar made with garlic and chillies.
Calveley Mill Finest- Burner Cheddar with mixed peppers and garlic up close
And here's how Calveley Mill Finest Burner Cheddar looks on toast
Burner Cheddar with chillies and garlic on toast- yummy
As part of a search for the ultimate cheese to go on toast Burner Cheddar ticks plenty of boxes. It has a fantastic sharp texture that marks out it's cheddar while having a strong kick from the chillies and garlic which some might find a little overpowering as the chillies are relatively strong. I personally loved the taste it has a sharpness that you can often find by adding Worcestershire Sauce to your cheese on toast without the mess or sourness. 

Try it for yourself and let us know.

The search for the ultimate cheese on toast continues. I really like Burner on toast however.

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