What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

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We're always looking for your feedback and suggestions here at the Nottingham Food Lovers Blog

If you're opening a new pub, bar or restaurant we'd particularly like to hear from you as we're always on the lookout for places to try

Feel free to email liam.hallam83@gmail.com

I must add however we value our morals so if you serve overpriced slop we will tell people about it and we always base our reviews on if we're paying. We appreciate good food and are happy to tell people about it. We're just as happy having a great inexpensive bacon sandwich at our favourite food van at Blidworth Woods as we are tucking into haute cuisine. However if you are selling over-priced bacon sandwiches you'd better visit Blidworth to see what you're up against before we arrive. 

We're also on the lookout for reviewers and guest writers so if you think you have a review for us or would like to contribute please get in touch.

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