What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Best Cakes In Malta At Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

Visiting Mdina isn't complete without coffee and cake at Fontanella Tea Garden

Lone Male On Tour In Malta
A Cafe With A View- Cassatella Siciliana at Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

Lone Male on Tour
Fontanella Tea garden
A popular stop on Malta sightseeing tours and a recommendation from the locals is Mdina. The silent city of Mdina is Malta's oldest town and was established by the Phoenicians as the country's first urban settlement which functioned as Malta's capital until it was succeeded by Valletta in 1571.

Mdina is known as the 'Silent City' and you will see very few cars around the settlement due to it's very narrow passageways and just around 400 inhabitants. Mdina offers an atmosphere of relaxed calm and despite it's attractiveness to many tourists it still maintains a charm away from the 'tat' stores seen in the coastal resorts of Bugibba where we stayed.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Jim's Smokehouse Nottingham- American Barbecue Food Review

More American Food in Nottingham- Jim's Smokehouse

Having watched a significant amount of Food Network classics like Man V Food and Diners, Drive-In's and Dives recently the knowledge of the arrival of Jim's Smokehouse in Nottingham came at a pretty good time for us after having our appetite wet.

Situated along the main street through Hockley on Goose Gate, It's a little out of the way of the main daytime city centre footfall and with the Hockley area seemingly not it's previous dominant centre for Nottingham's bar culture it does make you question the logic of starting up a new venture in such a location until you stumble across the information that it's the new brainchild of Red Hot Buffet Shack and Rakono on the previous premises. Having never been to either of these places over the years I was able to eat without any preconceptions of what the previous establishments offered.

Having imported an authentic smoker from the USA we were rather intrigued at what would be offered and whether we would have our own Man V Food challenge when the other half and I met up after she'd finished work feeling a little peckish on a Saturday evening.

Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork 

With a very meat orientated menu we opted for the the BBQ Combo (£14.95) from the menu which was our choice of two barbecue options from the Low 'N' Slow BBQ side of the menu. We opted for the Carolina Pulled Pork and Texas Beef Brisket which came alongside a portion of fries and homemade slaw. To make this more of a meal for two we added a portion of Mac 'N' Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries (£2 each).

Our meal at Jim's Smokehouse with Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork

American Style Meatball Arrabiata Recipe With Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce

Two Classics- Italy Meets Tennessee 

American Style Meatball Arrabiata

With Jack Daniel's Limited Edition Barbecue Sauce With Extra Hot Habanero 

Having recently received a couple of bottles of Jack Daniel's Limited Edition Barbecue sauces it only seemed natural to come up with some ideas for winter recipes for the blog. We've concentrated recently more towards local restaurant reviews but we also love creating our own dishes.

With a recent bout of snow to contend with the sauce was definitely primed to create a few 'winter-warmers' with it's rich smokey taste coupled together with an intense Habanero chili kick so I decided on creating a very simple American inspired take on the classic Arrabiata sauce. 

Jack Daniel's Barbecue Sauce with Extra Hot Habanero makes a great American-style Meatball Arrabiata

Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Best American Ales In Nottingham- Junkyard

Uncovering a Hidden Gem for American Ales and Food

You may not have seen Junkyard Bar, Nottingham on your travels but once you know where it is you're likely to want to go back repeatedly for some hearty American food and an awesome selection of American Beers. With the emergence of Missoula, Jim's Smokehouse and with established classics like Soulville Steakhouse still vying for your hard earned it's refreshing to see that Junkyard offers something more for beer aficionados as opposed to just targeting food lovers.

Fancy an American Ale? Junyard, Nottingham Beer Menu
Junyard's location at the top of the little known Bridlesmith Walk which cuts up from pretty much beside the British Heart Foundation shop on Bridlesmith gate a few doors up from Waterstone's may mean that many won't meander past as part of a regular shopping trip but the location adds a feeling of exclusivity to the bar.

Nottingham Food Lovers
A busy bar at Junkyard during Christmas Party season in Nottingham
To us the best bit about Junkyard is there beers. A large selection to suit most drinkers' palates. Having tried a selection from light, easy drinking house beers to heavy duty Imperial Stouts and Porters Junkyard offers a selection uncomparable to anywhere else we've come across. Having tasted enough British IPA's to conclude they pretty much all taste soapy it's reassuring to taste a nice black IPA from the USA which really adds a different dimension

Nottingham Food Lovers
Rasputin Imperial Stout at Junkyard
What about the food? We popped in on Christmas Eve for a quick drink and bite to eat on the way home and opted for their Charcuterie selection and Mac and Cheese with Arrabiata sauce. Together this worked as a nice lunch although the Mac and Cheese Balls with Arrabiata sauce were the real highlight with a lovely spicy sauce with enough kick to make us want some more.

Charcuterie Selection with Mac and Cheese with an Arrabiata Sauce

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Review: Dinner at the Travellers Rest, Nottingham

Saturday Night Out with the Family at the Travellers Rest Nottingham.

Every December we usually head out for a family meal to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday although this year we've had to bring it forward due to other commitments for us all throughout December. Her choice this year was the pretty local option of the Travellers Rest, on Mapperley Plains which serves hearty pub-grub with a mixed selection to aim to satisfy everyone’s palate.  

Part of the Chef and Brewer group, the Travellers Rest has long been a regular choice for us when eating out due to being around a 10 minute drive from home. It’s a 18th century former coaching house with stunning views over Mapperley Plains and down towards Lambley in summer. It's a rustic venue with exposed oak beams, an open plan pub running through into the dining area and some log fires to sit beside on a cold winter’s night

We’ve been visiting the Travellers Rest for years although we’ve had a rather tempestuous relationship with the pub. In reality it was a gastro-pub before anyone even thought of the word. Its location is well out of the way of the populated areas of Arnold and Mapperley yet a short drive away meaning unfortunately there’s always going to have to be a designated driver amongst the party.


We all went for various different things for starters but there were visually two real standouts. Baked Camembert and the Butchers Platter.
The Butcher's Platter at the Travellers Rest, Nottingham

The Baked Camembert (£8.29) featured a whole gooey, baked camembert cheese with an accompaniment of dough sticks, lovely fresh chunky bread and a little addition of some ale chutney to add a sourness to the mix. Visually very enticing and served on a large wooden block. The only downside we found was that you needed half a bloomer which always seems the case with starters and Hallam's- There's never enough bread! (With our appetites it won't ruin a main course!)

Even more appealing on the eye and lips was the Butcher’s Platter. Featuring a selection of the best you’d expect to find on a land based menu. Some nice plump sausages, chicken fillets in a spicy crumb, farmhouse pate, and some tender hoisin duck fillet. With some toasted thick doorstep bread and dough sticks. (£10.99)

The Travellers Rest, Mapperley, Nottingham
The Baked Camembert Platter needed more bread
With the appearance of our big sharing platters it almost put the rest of our starters to shame. When compared to the individual pate starter which only consisted of a small part of the sharing platter The Farmhouse Pate (£4.99) represented very poor value when compared to the butchers platter and even came out with bread which barely classed as toasted.

Main Meals at the Travellers Rest

For our main meals we all went for something different across the menu.

The ½ honey and lemon chicken (£10.49) was lovely and moist with a decent sized portion. (Far better than when we had similar at Bill’s). The honey and chipotle chilli sauce added a little zing, whilst the mix of white and wild rice was well cooked and fluffy. 

Nottingham Food Lovers Blog
Honey and Lemon 1/2 Roast Chicken 
Having never tried Wagyu (Japanese Cow) Beef before we were intrigued to taste what it’s all about and the Wagyu Burger (£13.49) came looking a good size with our favourite chips- Sweet potato.  The meat itself was dense and hearty although which it tasted exceptionally good it served as heavy going when coupled with some dry prosciutto ham on top. The dryness of the burger definitely made it hard going for such a premium dish

Wagyu Burger with sweet potato chips, ale chutney and truffle mayonaise
Dad was perfectly happy with his “Whale” and Chips. The Hand-battered Cod and Chips (£9.99) is a classic my dad shoots for again and again. It’s hard to go wrong and for a man for whom a good meal is a big meal, dad was perfectly happy.

The Travellers Rest, Nottingham
"Whale" and Chips as dad calls it.

Mum loves her meat of the feathered variety and has a sweet tooth so opted for the Pan-Fried Duck in Cherry Sauce (£13.99) which looked fantastic in the bowl. She had asked the waitress for it pink upon ordering but it came out more medium cooked than had requested. Despite this she did feel it was a fantastic meal and loved the black cherry and red wine sauce. 

Pan-Fried Duck in Cherry Sauce (£13.99)
My option was the Steak Burger with Pulled Pork (£10.99) in a lovely soft brioche bun. Personally my burger was a real let-down. The steak burger was ok but the pulled-pork topping was very much on the dry side and wasn’t falling to pieces easily like you’d expect from some tender slow-cooked pork. The menu stated it would be sticky barbecue and ale pulled-pork but instead I just got some dry pork with some barbecue sauce on the side.

To add to my disappointment my chips were also somewhat undercooked with hard sections to them. I would expect restaurant chips to be nice and fluffy in the middle with a lovely crisp outer and whilst some of the chips made this grade, as a texture eater I felt they really detracted from the meal. I certainly wouldn’t recommend the dish personally if it’s usually cooked how it was for me.   

Steak Burger with Pulled Pork and Chips
Our final choice for main meal at the Travellers Rest was the Steak and Ale Pie (£9.99) with prime steak in shortcrust pastry and some Bateman’s Ale gravy. Instead of mashed potato Bro opted for chips but he was made than happy with his choice of the pie 


As a family we all have very sweet teeth and love sugar so if we have the option of dessert there's no question on whether we're going to have it or not. 

The most enticing looks wise of our desserts selection was the the Oreo Cookie Sandwich (£5.49) which consisted of a chocolate biscuit base and top, with a thick vanilla cream filling which made it definitely a Liam dessert. Sweet and packed full of cream.  

Nottingham Food Lovers
The Oreo Cookie Sandwich
My personal choice was a slightly bland tasting Creme Brulee (£4.99) which while not packing the sweetness and creaminess I would have usually liked (It was more like custard than cream) It looked fantastic served in a teacup but it seemed that presentation was more a priority than flavour especially with the added obscenely tiny shortbread biscuits.
We also sampled the Baked Lemon Cheesecake which was light and easy to eat with more than a hint of lemon. (£4.99)
Baked Lemon Cheesecake
The sorbet selection also came in a lovely little mug with a beautiful zing.
The Sorbet Selection 

Have you been to the Travellers Rest, Nottingham? What did you think?

Friday, 28 November 2014

Making Cocktails At Coco Lounge, Nottingham

Making Cockatails At Coco Lounge, Nottingham

(This post originally appeared on the Lone Male In The Kitchen Blog August 2013 )

Over the past two weeks Nottingham has been buzzing with a Food and Drink Fortnight where many of our prominent restaurants and bars have been taking part, including many 'Dine for a tenner' options across the city centre.

Whilst looking through the offers available we spotted an advertisement for a cocktail making masterclass at Coco Lounge. Coco Lounge is a Nottingham bar which prides itself on it's cocktail menu so the chance to achieve a lifelong ambition of getting behind the bar and serving drinks just had to be acted upon.
Lone male in the kitchen
The Lone Male At The Bar- Behind the bar at Coco Lounge Nottingham making a cocktail

Monday, 17 November 2014

Coffee At The Highest Cafe In The United Kingdom

Visiting The UK's highest cafe atop the highest mountain in Wales

The Lone Male On Tour In Snowdonia

Hafod Eryri Cafe at the top of Snowdon

Climbing any mountain is a challenge. It takes some hard work and planning to scale a peak although some of that preparation work can be taken care of when climbing up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales as there is a fantastic cafe located right near the top of the hill which rises to 1085 metres above sea level (3560 feet) alongside the impressive station which visitors can use to take the easy way to the top.

Croeso i Gymru (Welcome to Wales in Welsh)
Lone Male In The Kitchen On Tour
Coffee is definitely well earned at the top of Snowdon at the UK's highest cafe.

Earning our coffee at the UK's highest Cafe

We certainly didn't take the easy way up Snowdon on the train and really earned our break on reaching the summit having climbed up from the Snowdon Ranger station on what is a 13km hard walk up to the summit and bank down to the start point at Snowdon Ranger Youth Hostel beside Lyn Cwellyn.

There are a number of well known pathways up Snowdon. Due to their distance they're pretty much all classed as hard mountain walks and shouldn't be started without a level of fitness which will allow a walker to reach the top. Most walks take around 6 hours in total and therefore make for a long day of hiking

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Best Cafe For Cyclists On Lanzarote

Finding The Best Cafe For Cyclists On Lanzarote

A coach recently asked triathlon's famous Brownlee brothers about how they selected the routes of their long training rides and the response was that they configured them related to which particular cafe they fancied going to. Such a free form approach from Olympic athletes seems somewhat refreshing in a world obsessed with mileages and power meters although the simple truth is that cyclists love cake. My recent Lanzarote training trip involved a bit of a tour of the cafes as a result.
Lone Male On Tour
Sour Cherry Cake and Chocolate Cake With Coffee At Jonniebakes, Teguise, Lanzarote
As many cyclists and triathletes make their way to Lanzarote for a period of warm weather training or targeting the many events on the island there becomes a need for a good spot to stop off mid-ride (Whether on your own or with a like minded group) for the obligatory cafe stop.

Riding down from the Tabayesco climb through Los Valles and onto Teguise on the LZ 10 on my way back to Costa Teguise I saw the big Jonniebakes.com sign and was just ready for coffee and cake. Jonniebakes has to have arguably one of the best possible locations in terms of attracting cyclists as we head back to our resorts from some of the best cycling climbs on Lanzarote

Lone Male On Tour
Jonniebakes Artisan Bakery and Cafe in Teguise is a great stop off for cyclists
If you've spent your morning riding up Tabayesco and over to the Mirador Del Rio you'll have worked up an appetite. In reality many of us cyclists have an insanely sweet tooth yet make up for all those calories by cycling so the opportunity to grab a slice of cake or a nice pastry will never be turned down.

My first visit to Jonniebakes came at the end of a 3 hour long interval session. I'd done all the hard work for the day including interval training up many of the climbs in the North of the island so my body and mind were ready for a stop. At home I don't tend to stop during training rides but today was an exception to my usual rule.

Upon walking into the cafe and bakery there was a small display cabinet featuring a huge selection of cakes, pastries and pasties. From near perfectly shaped donuts to sausage rolls you can tell that the owners are Brits as it feels like a quaint slice of Blighty inside the clinical white of Lanzarote's buildings.

Menu's are showcased on large slate boards as you walk in so you're never going to miss what's on display.

A Cabinet Full Of Delights
Some amazing cakes and bakes at Jonniebakes, Teguise
On my first visit I plumped for an Almond and Marzipan Croissant which was absolutely delicious and a lovely black coffee which was served in one of those American soda glasses which seem so popular right now.

I loved the food and coffee so much I came back the following day and bought my other half with me. She came up to Teguise Market on the bus whilst I had a gentle roll up deliberately early to sit outside with a coffee and Pain Au Chocolat prior to a walk around the market and return for a slice of cake- You could say I'm hooked but I do love a good bakery or cafe and Jonniebakes has to be the best on Lanzarote.

Address and Map

Jonniebakes Artisan Bakery and Cafe

Av Gran Aldea, 76
35539 Teguise
Las Palmas, Spain

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Nuthall Pub and Kitchen Review

What was once a run-down looking pub on the A610 has been transformed into a modern gastro pub specialising in season produce. The Nuthall promises to offer a select menu to satisfy any local food lover and with a friend working just across the road it works as a great place for a catch up after work. Especially with an early evening menu offering exceptional value if ordered before 6:30 pm.

The Nuthall Pub and Kitchen- A table with a view (Of the A610)

 Value For Money Early Evening Menu

Whilst the main evening menu prices are a little on the premium side, the Nuthall offers a reasonably priced early evening menu with one  course for £7.95, two for £10.95 and 3 for £13.95 which represents excellent value and makes the prices very comparable to many more budget establishments locally. Their early bird menu is available for orders up to 6:30 pm and at the time of writing featured a great varied range of options from starters of Pork, Chorizo and Apple Terrine, to Beef and Horseradish Croquettes. Mains including Battered Red Mullet Fillets, as well as Pork and Leek Sausages with Mashed Potatoes. The desserts include Lemon and Ginger Bakewell and a Honey Panna Cota. As you can imagine this is no basic low price menu.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Best Takeaway In Mansfield Town Centre- Piri Shak

Dirty Late Night Food Comes Clean at Piri Shak Mansfield

I've never been a lover of that late night kebab or trip to the chip shop after a night in town drinking. For me you need something clean after putting the body through the ill effects alcohol can have.

Saturday night in Mansfield led us to discover an awesome option for late night food- Piri Shak. We think it's arguable the best takeaway in Mansfield Town centre and know plenty of others who agree.

What's on the Menu at Piri Shak, Mansfield
Our Piri chicken with sweet potato fries was amazing and we'll definitely be back for more. The sweet potato fries tasted amazing. They were bordering on the best we've ever tasted.

Piri Shak Piri Chicken With Sweet Potato Fries

Definitely the best takeaway in  Mansfield by far. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Review- Dinner at Missoula Nottingham

A Thursday Night Treat- Dinner at Missoula

A few weeks ago we attended Missoula Nottingham's opening night and were pretty impressed by the place. So much so that we vowed to return soon after for a food review. September and early October have been pretty busy months for us but last week we finally managed to get back to Missoula to try what promised to be hearty American-inspired food and a unique dining experience in very different surroundings.

Missoula is part of the Stonegate Group of leisure venues and their Nottingham venture is one of only three Missoula Bar and Grills in the country so in some ways Nottingham should feel privileged that we're one of the chosen few to be able to sample the Montana inspired food menu on our our doorstep.

Missoula's location in the heart of our iconic, upmarket Lace Market area on High Pavement facing the majestic old Unitarian Church which happens to be the atmospheric Pitcher and Piano bar.

Nottingham Food Lovers Blog
The interior of Missoula Montana Bar and Grill Nottingham 
The interior of Missoula Nottingham is pretty striking with elements that merge a modern dining area with a hunting lodge. (Complete with stags heads). Cow skin inspired seating booths sound like they shouldn't work but the reality is that they add to the ambiance and whilst some of these touches might sound a little tacky at the onset, the reality is that no expense has been spared on creating a fantastic seating area that will help spark good conversation.

Review: Our Meal at Missoula Nottingham

After working some long hours recently it's always good to find somewhere to sit back and relax with a drink and some good food. Working on the outskirts of the city centre means it's pretty easy to head into town after a quick change at work.

Starter: Missoula Sliders

Sometimes it's good to share so we opted for the Missoula Sliders (£7.75) for our starter. A trio of mini burgers, each with a different topping: Blue Cheese, Barbecue Sauce and Pulled Pork (Pictured below). The last time we went out and had three courses in full we were struggling by the end of it so we decided to play things a little safer and share despite some fantastic sounding starters on the menu including Battered Shrimp in Tom Yum Tempura Batter and the option of an Oven Baked Creamy Blue Mushroom tempting my funghi addiction.

Missoula Nottingham
The Triple Mini Burger Starter- Missoula Sliders
Our option of the Missoula Sliders came out in good time. Presented on a large wooden block. Each patty inside the burger was a good size which I would say was about the size of a table tennis ball if I'm struggling to find a comparison. The size meant these were definitely a great choice as a sharing plate for us.

We started with the blue cheese which was lovely and creamy, the barbecue sauce burger had a lovely smokiness to it but the real treat was the burger with pulled pork which was about as awesome a starter as I've ever had. There was so much taste in that one mouthful that I could have easily ordered another set of sliders if I hadn't been looking forward to my main course for the last few weeks ever since first.

Our Main Meals: Pretzel-Crumbed Sea Trout and an 8oz Rib-Eye USDA Steak

Ever since I first saw the menu's for Missoula I had yearned for a taste of their pretzel-crusted Sea Trout. I often tend to migrate towards a good fish option on the menu, particularly if there's an element of something I haven't tried before. I'd never heard of using pretzel to create a breadcrumb before but I felt drawn towards the doughy and salty elements I thought would work well with a light fish.

Pretzel Crusted Sea Trout
My Sea Trout was served with a mustard and caper sauce on a bed of beautifully fresh tomatoes and peppery wilted spinach alongside a grilled lemon.  I also opted for a side of seasoned fries which came in an almost endless container.

The Pretzel-Crumbed Sea Trout (£14.95) was a fantastic meal which I would happily choose again and again. The Pretzel-Crumb was a beautiful addition to the fish and added a nice layer of additional texture. Every element to the plate bought an additional compliment to the flavours. As a fussy eater I would usually leave tomatoes on the plate but on this occasion they were so soft and fresh that I took the plunge and devoured them.

With such a high grade of steak on offer on the menu it seemed fitting for us to try some good American steak so the other half opted for the 8oz USDA rib-eye (£19.95) with a side of a twice-baked sour cream and cheese potato,

Missoula Nottingham
8oz rib-rye USDA steak with a twice baked sour cream and cheese potato 
The USDA steak came out as a lovely size which I'd guess as a little more than 8oz. It's appearance had a clear marbling as a result of the cattle being grain fed which gives it a fantastic appearance. Ordered rare-to-medium it came out exceptionally well cooked with the right amount of pinkness in the middle and with very little fat to the cut.

The twice baked potato with sour cream and cheese was a lovely starchy addition alongside to steak although we felt that the steak really needed some sauce and it our request the chef made us a portion of a spicy tomato ketchup which worked wonderfully with the steak and added to our experience. 

Our main meals were all a fantastic size as you can see from the photos. Good hearty fayre, well prepared and exceptionally flavoursome. 

Dessert: Warm Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough With Ice Cream

After having made it through starter and a great sized main meal we decided that we would share a dessert. The other half usually only has half her pudding anyways, leaving myself to finish it off. We both love cookies so opted for the Warm Chocolate Cookie Dough dessert (£4.25). Unfortunately the Key Lime Cheesecake was unavailable which was unfortunate for us but there were still a fantastic array of desserts to choose from. 

The cookie dough worked out to be a great large dessert with a generous slab of moist, chocolaty cookie dough about 8-10 centimetres in diameter with a lovely big dollop of vanilla ice-cream on top. Heaven for someone with a sweet tooth like myself.

Missoula Nottingham
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough With Ice Cream

Our Reflections on Missoula Nottingham 

We had been looking forward to sampling the food at Missoula Nottingham ever since first seeing the menus. I'd been a little worried that the Pretzel Crumbed Sea Trout might not live up to my expectations but it really exceeded them. It's rare that you build something up so much as we had done and it delivers in excess. The food at  Missoula did just that for us.

As well as the amazing food we have to also thank the lovely staff at the restaurant. Manager on the night, Adam had us behind the bar making our own cocktails which we'll tell you all about in a future post and the waiting staff who helped to make this a very memorable experience.

We would happily go back to with family and friends. The environment feels friendly, the menu is varied with options for all and their drinks menu would put a lot of places to shame. 

Missoula Nottingham
Great for couples, equally good for a meal with friends and family. Missoula brings Montana to Nottingham

Sunday, 12 October 2014

What to Eat at Goose Fair (Or Any Fair)

If you've been bought up in Nottingham there's one thing we all particularly look forward to each year; Goose Fair. As kids it was one of the highlights of the year and as adults some of us still have a real love for the place. My fascination now is with the food instead of the rides and Goose Fair Food is a real treat with a huge selection on offer.

Gone are the days where the only real options are Hot dogs, Burgers and Mushy Peas. Although for many a portion of Mushy Peas is a real reminiscence of their youth.

What to Eat at Goose Fair

1. Fudge

Laura's  Handmade Fudge from Yorkshire at Goose Fair, Nottingham
 Fudge used to be always about the small bags which were like a half paper, half clear plastic which held about 6 or so pieces. The smooth, soft texture used to melt in your mouth alongside those amazing flavours it hit you with. You still see those bags at some of the stalls but the real fudge highlight of this years Goose Fair has to be Laura's Fudge. (Pictured above and below).

Laura's Fudge looked fantastic

2. Donuts Taste Better Than at a Bakery

Goose Fair Donuts
The Donuts at Goose Fair could rival any bakery. Especially when you're handed the bag and they're still warm. I could quite easily stand there and watch them being made for most of the night and one of the best places to buy them each year is up near the Scout Hut in the top right-hand corner of the Fair. Staffed by Scouts and Volunteers so you know your money is going to a good cause instead of the vendors back pocket. 

Donut Humour

3. The Fair Has Always Been About Toffee Apples

Toffee Apples are an old school favourite

4. Hot Dogs Have Gone Upmarket

The humble frankfurter hot dog seems a thing of the past as sausages have gone upmarket and cooked under would and charcoal for extra flavour. Meat has now started to become more specialist. Below is pictured a Krakowy sausage from the stand that faces The Forest Tram Stop. 

Polish Krakowy Sausage makes a very upmarket hot dog. 

5. Grab a Cock on a Stick

It may sound a little rude but the stall selling cocks on sticks has been at Goose Fair as long as I can remember. These sugar candy cockerels are often referred to in form of innuendo but the stall is there every year so they clearly must be selling well. 

Fancy a Cock on a Stick?
I've never seen them sold at another fair so maybe a Cock on a Stick is a Nottingham delicacy but what I do know is that their name brings many an adult a nice smile. They're really a long lollipop but the name does enough to sell them and their stall is there every year in exactly the same spot.

Cocks on Sticks at Goose Fair

6. Something Different- Baklava and Ethnic Food

The extreme sweetness of baklava is fantastic with the rush of all the bright lights and loud music at Goose Fair

Baklava at Goose Fair
Alternately if you like your cuisine from a little further east, Goose Fair has a great selection of Chinese, Indian and other Asian flavours. 

Noodles are popular at Goose Fair
Samosas, Onion Bhaji and Pakora are great snacks at the fair

7. Right Now I Fancy a Hot Pork (or Hog Roast) Cob With Stuffing

On a cold October night a hot pork cob with stuff and maybe a little apple sauce is a great filling warmer.

Fancy a hot pork cob with stuffing and apple sauce?

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Missoula Nottingham: Reflections From Opening Night

Great American Food and Cocktails in the Heart of the Lace Market- 

Missoula Nottingham Opens

Thursday 18th saw the opening of Nottingham's newest bar and restaurant in the heart of the fashionable Lace Market. Missoula Montana Bar and Grill on High Pavement promises to offer something different to Nottingham's food and drink landscape with hearty American food inspired by the bountiful state of Montana and a select drinks menu with an American edge.
Missoula Montana Bar and Grill, Nottingham in the Lace Market
I always loved the Living Room bar in the heart of Nottingham's Lace Market area. It was always lively and had a feel good atmosphere so the knowledge that the Living Room was closing came as a bit of a shock having friends who have had wedding ceremonies there and having spent time in the bar on many weekends. Sometimes change is a good thing and the investment made by the Stonegate Pub Company certainly sparked my interest. They've spent over £300,000 on changing the site in the heart of the Lace Market which should add a little spice to what was an already popular bar and restaurant.

The VIP opening party gave us a great opportunity to check out this exciting new Nottingham bar for ourselves and savour what it has to offer both drinks and diners. As food lovers it's always going to be the restaurant and menu that appeal to us most. (We're hoping to sample the main menu next month so should have a more in depth food review from Missoula Nottingham posted soon).

Missoula Nottingham's Restaurant Area

Up on the first floor is Missoula's restaurant, Featuring a selection of rustic wooden tables and cladding to the walls the restaurant area adds a modern touch to mid-west heritage whilst having a very contemporary feel.

Missoula's Upstairs Restaurant Seems a Great, Relaxed Place to Eat
Uniqueness comes in the detailing. In the back corner of the restaurant are a selection of booths with seating featuring featuring a striking cow hair pattern and many of the chairs feature a selection of American Indian style designs. The styling really works for me by doing nothing to excess which gives an air of authenticity which we believe is unlike anywhere we've been in the city.