What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

What to Eat at Goose Fair (Or Any Fair)

If you've been bought up in Nottingham there's one thing we all particularly look forward to each year; Goose Fair. As kids it was one of the highlights of the year and as adults some of us still have a real love for the place. My fascination now is with the food instead of the rides and Goose Fair Food is a real treat with a huge selection on offer.

Gone are the days where the only real options are Hot dogs, Burgers and Mushy Peas. Although for many a portion of Mushy Peas is a real reminiscence of their youth.

What to Eat at Goose Fair

1. Fudge

Laura's  Handmade Fudge from Yorkshire at Goose Fair, Nottingham
 Fudge used to be always about the small bags which were like a half paper, half clear plastic which held about 6 or so pieces. The smooth, soft texture used to melt in your mouth alongside those amazing flavours it hit you with. You still see those bags at some of the stalls but the real fudge highlight of this years Goose Fair has to be Laura's Fudge. (Pictured above and below).

Laura's Fudge looked fantastic

2. Donuts Taste Better Than at a Bakery

Goose Fair Donuts
The Donuts at Goose Fair could rival any bakery. Especially when you're handed the bag and they're still warm. I could quite easily stand there and watch them being made for most of the night and one of the best places to buy them each year is up near the Scout Hut in the top right-hand corner of the Fair. Staffed by Scouts and Volunteers so you know your money is going to a good cause instead of the vendors back pocket. 

Donut Humour

3. The Fair Has Always Been About Toffee Apples

Toffee Apples are an old school favourite

4. Hot Dogs Have Gone Upmarket

The humble frankfurter hot dog seems a thing of the past as sausages have gone upmarket and cooked under would and charcoal for extra flavour. Meat has now started to become more specialist. Below is pictured a Krakowy sausage from the stand that faces The Forest Tram Stop. 

Polish Krakowy Sausage makes a very upmarket hot dog. 

5. Grab a Cock on a Stick

It may sound a little rude but the stall selling cocks on sticks has been at Goose Fair as long as I can remember. These sugar candy cockerels are often referred to in form of innuendo but the stall is there every year so they clearly must be selling well. 

Fancy a Cock on a Stick?
I've never seen them sold at another fair so maybe a Cock on a Stick is a Nottingham delicacy but what I do know is that their name brings many an adult a nice smile. They're really a long lollipop but the name does enough to sell them and their stall is there every year in exactly the same spot.

Cocks on Sticks at Goose Fair

6. Something Different- Baklava and Ethnic Food

The extreme sweetness of baklava is fantastic with the rush of all the bright lights and loud music at Goose Fair

Baklava at Goose Fair
Alternately if you like your cuisine from a little further east, Goose Fair has a great selection of Chinese, Indian and other Asian flavours. 

Noodles are popular at Goose Fair
Samosas, Onion Bhaji and Pakora are great snacks at the fair

7. Right Now I Fancy a Hot Pork (or Hog Roast) Cob With Stuffing

On a cold October night a hot pork cob with stuff and maybe a little apple sauce is a great filling warmer.

Fancy a hot pork cob with stuffing and apple sauce?

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