What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Carvery at Kings Mill Farm Sutton in Ashfield

Jemma heads to the Kings Mill Farm Sutton In Ashfield for a carvery lunch.

After doing a hard morning workout at Crossfit.  Me and the sister decided on early lunch and a much needed catch up.  Not far from the box was the Kings Mill farm this has had a very recent refurbishment and re naming as this was called the King and Miller.  Not been inside a Farmhouse Inn I didn't know what to expect.

1st thing that hit us on entering through the main doors they sell cake and lots of it.

The cake selection.

We both decided on that we will be sharing a piece later on but what to have as there was far too much choice.  Though a Cakeaway service is available if you have no room after dinner but you still want cake for laters.

Seeing that the Carvery was just been set up  and a long line of veg it was decided to see if could beat Toby Carvery Shareese's favourite roast place.  The great think like the Alders there is a small plate, standard and large plate option.  For lunch time opted for the small plate which for me was more than enough.

The Carvery at Kings Mill Farm

The choice was fantastic totally different options to anywhere I have been recently for a roast.  Leeks, cheese veg bake as well as a cauliflower cheese bake.  Red cabbage and cranberry, white cabbage and Shareese's favourite Brussels sprouts.  The Yorkshire pudding was a nice light and crispy though on a small plate they seem to take a third of the plate up.

Plenty of vegetablesm Yorkshire Pudding and a stuffing ball

I opted for a pork and turkey dinner with new potatoes while Shareese opted for Gammon and Turkey

The highlight of all the veg was the Red Cabbage and cranberry and regretted only picking a small amount.  Shareese couldn't decide on what she wanted  and just about every veg option.  She agreed the Red Cabbage was a winner alongside the mashed potato which was nice and smooth.

More amazing cake 

Ordering a cake to share we decided on the blackcurrant doughnut cake

This I found a nice not too sweet sponge but Shareese found was a little too heavy for her in texture.  The icing felt could eat much as this was rather sweet but between us we did eat neatly all of it.  I would just come for coffee and cake was that nice.  This place is somewhere we could take mum to and don't think would get any complaints.

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