What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Cheesecake Shop- A Nottingham Food Institution

When you think of regional food you don't really think of Cheesecake. However The Cheesecake Shop has cafes in Carrington, Colwick, Mapperley and Wollaton as well as cafes outside the Nottingham area at Long Eaton and Loughborough and if you've never been before is well worth a visit for their goodies.
Nottingham cheescake and cafe
The Cheesecake Shop at Long Eaton. 

Here's a Quick Review of the Cheesecake Shop in Nottingham

The Nottingham touch comes in the manufacture. All that gorgeous, scrumptious, delicious, to die for cheesecake is made right here in Nottingham down on Daleside Road in Colwick.

Gorgeous cheesecake to die for at The Cheesecake Shop
Caffe Latte Cheesecake form The Cheesecake Shop
Really the only thing that's missing is a Cheesecake Shop in Nottingham City Centre. Maybe even in the Market Square or somewhere that could also have an outside seating area for those lazy summer days where you want to make the most of the sunshine. As The Cheesecake Shop in the UK is a franchise system maybe my dream could be a reality if someone really fancies opening their own cafe in Nottingham City Centre

You can choose to sit in and eat. Slices of cheesecake are a rather expensive price of around £3.00 however in terms of taste and presentation it's a cut above the rest and you'll likely not get something that matches this in many local restaurants. Your cheesecake usually arrives surrounded by fresh fruit, drizzled with a fruit coulis and dollop of fresh cream- no squirty rubbish!.

Take your pick of flavours from some of these cheesecakes
  • American- Rich and creamy vanilla.
  • Jamaican Cheesecake- deeply chocolatey
  • Toffee Swirl- a family takeaway favourite with delicious caramel and toffee topping
  • Strawberry- Continental style traditional cheesecake with strawberry topping. Yummy
  • French Vanilla- mild and very easy to go back for a second piece 
Or choose other cake styles such as:
  • Tiramisu- Italian three layers of divine tastiness
  • Tropical Torte- Traditional sponde with tropical fruits for a summer taste explosion like being on the beach at Montego Bay
  • Strawberry Fields Torte
  • Black Forest Gateaux- Chocolate and Cherries- Wunderbah!
  • Lemon Meringue- zesty lemonyness to wake your taste buds
As well as savouries to satisy those without such a sweet tooth!

The Cheesecake Shop franchise actually began in Australia of all places and has slowly made it's way around the world as well as expanding slowly throughout the East Midlands here in the UK- who knows where it could go next? Here's hoping for central Nottingham.
Cheesecake Shop Nottingham
More Gorgeous Cheesecake
And before you ask- "why don't I open up a cheesecake shop franchise?" I'm not sure I would, I love the cheesecake however would like a little more creative flair than their franchise style brings.

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