What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Graduate Bar and Kitchen: Nottingham's Newest Pub

The Graduate Bar and Kitchen, Nottingham

Off Ilkeston Road near Nottingham University
The Graduate Bar and Kitchen, Radford, Nottingham
Newly open on the edges of Radford and Lenton, Nottingham is The Graduate Bar and Kitchen. Smart looking and open for business from the many local students and residents it looks a great spot for a few beers on the way into Nottingham for a night out, or a few after work drinks.
The Graduate Bar. Sandwiched between Lidl and Wok&Go facing Ilkeston Road, Nottingham

The bar is set on the ground floor of the towering and Impressive Opal complex set back off Ilkeston Road which has also developped recently with the addition of a Lidl Supermarket, Domino's Pizza and a Wok&Go Noodle Bar in addition to the White Horse Cafe and Sheesha Bar across the road.
Opposite The Graduate Bar is The White Horse- great for takeaway's!

Full Review of The Graduate to follow
We will have a full review of the bar, the food and the menu coming up in the next couple of weeks. It would have been sooner however someone from the area decided that it would be a good idea to break into the bar after their first night of trading on Thursday 19.04.2012. There would have been a review here if the Graduate had been open for business Friday lunchtime instead of cleaning up or sorting out new locks. It's such a shame that someone clearly doesn't appreciate a new service in the area. 
The Graduate Bar is part of the large student accomodation complex- Opal 1
Opal 1, St Peter's Steet of Ilkeston Road Nottingham NG7 3EH 
The Graduate Bar and Kitchen Address
St Peter’s St

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  1. My experience here was absolutely rubbish. I bought a 'mojito' for £4.50 which consisted of soda water, rather than lemonade, two cubes of ice, rather than crushed, and mint syrup, rather than fresh mint. This is not a mojito but a sub-standard version aimed at making profit. I pointed out to the manager that just because i'm a student, this does not mean that i don't know what a good drink is. He then said that The Graduate is not a student bar, so i'd probably give it a miss if you are one of the THOUSANDS of students living in Nottingham. It's not like it's surrounded by student halls of residence or anything. . . When i politely asked the manager if i could have another drink, he refused. When i asked for my money back, he refused. He said that the drink i was served was their 'version of a mojito.' He said he had been bar tending for ten years, and therefore his knowledge was superior to mine. Anyone ever had a mojito with soda and syrup? BACK TO THE ACADEMY YOU TOOL.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes the Graduate Bar has a student client base but it doesn't seem to be limiting iteself to just being a student bar.

      I was disappointed when I went in and couldn't get any bitter or ale

  2. i've been here many a time with family and flat mates since they opened and me and my friends have only got positive things to say about the place, living in the halls across the road myself it's a perfect place to chill in the evening, have a meal and/or a few drinks. I think the comment above isn't really accurate as i've never had a problem with any of the drinks and the cocktails are lush. I expected most of the customers to be students, purely because of the location, but it was nice to see locals as well, especially during the day. Also liam, having read your comment, you'll be happy to hear they sell some bottled ales and have a bitter on draught now :) overall i'd say it's a lovely place, the staff are really nice and i'm sure ill be headed there again, actually i know i'll be headed there again!

  3. Thanks for your comment Jack. I've been in a few times over the last few months. It seems to have a good atmosphere and never seems to be anyone having any issues.

    Glad to hear they have some bitter and bottled ales. They didn't last time i popped in but i'm all for them moving with their clientbase which is always the sign of a well managed bar/ pub.

    Hopefully i'll see you in there Jack