What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Dine For A Tenner at The Viceroy

I've been considering taste testing the Viceroy on Hucknall Road for quite a while now. Particularly of interest has been their Monday and Tuesday night special menu offering 3 courses for £10. Searching for Nottingham's best curry could quite easily encompass Nottingham's 'Best-Value' curry too.

Having previously tried the nearby Rajah on Mansfield Road's £12.99 3 course set menu we're always on the lookout for somewhere and something new to try. The 3 courses at the Viceroy are only available on a Monday or Tuesday and whilst certainly there isn't the depth of menu as shown at Rajah you're paying dramatically less. I have to admit I thought there would be a catch but my meal actually included more that expected.

Starter at The Viceroy

Seekh Kebab

With a nice, varied selection to choose from I opted for the Seekh Kebab. Nicely flavoured rolls of lamb with subtle flavours. They worked fine as a starter although for my palate needed a little more kick- which came with the beautiful chilli sauce which accompanied the dish. My other choice on the menu would have been the Fish Pakora had I not chosen to go for the Fish Curry as a main. 

A selection of sauces for with your starter including a fantastic chilli sauce

Main Course at The Viceroy

I love a good fish curry. I know many people who shy away from it but a well spiced curry really brings the flavour out of a nice piece of fish. My Fish Curry at the Viceroy was no exception to this with a generous serving of Cod coated in a moderately thick Tomato based medium hot sauce. Warming enough to make me forget just how a abysmal it was outside with the cold and rain but not enough to bring me out in a hot sweat.

The flavours worked well with the cod and I could make out some slightly lemony hints within the curry too to really further enhance the flavour of the cod. Definitely a curry I would happy eat again and again.

Fish Curry at the Viceroy

A nice bonus was that within the £10 Chef's Set Menu I got both a Butter Naan and Pilau Rice to accompany my curry. I had initially expected to pay to add a Naan Bread to my meal so this was a very pleasant and additionally filling surprise.

The Butter Naan with very nice. It came out cut into three generous slices so no need to mess around cutting and I could simply dip in and sample the curry sauce. Good enough for me to eat on it's own, the Naan was light and easy to eat.

Butter Naan

Usually when you go to an Indian Restaurant it's difficult to decide just how many portions of rice you want as portion size varies. The Pilau Rice that accompanied my curry was definitely a 'Liam-sized portion' allowing me to eat my Fish Curry in two generous servings. The rice was fantastically fluffy and went down well with the thick curry sauce.

Pilau Rice 


If you want Dessert in the Chef's Set Menu you have the choice of Ice Cream or a Coffee. I opted for a coffee to wash down my meal.

My Thoughts on The Viceroy Nottingham

I really enjoyed my meal at The Viceroy. The restaurant is simply decorated, I was greeted with a warm welcome and service was very attentive without being 'pushy'. For a tenner I had a wonderful curry. I would greatly recommend the Fish Curry, certainly if you're popping in for their Monday and Tuesday special offer meal. 

I'll certainly be going back and despite my love of trying somewhere new I know when I'm on to a good thing. 

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