What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Monday, 28 March 2016

A Belated Mothers Day at The Lion, Farnsfield

Mum can be pretty fussy when it comes to eating out. We first took her to the Lion a couple of years ago and made the mistake of letting her have a look at their website which wasn't in the state it is in now. Her actual response was "It looks a sh*thole, why on earth are we going there?". It took a lot of coaxing to get her there and it's since become one of her local favourites. Having popped in one saturday night before we eventually took her we knew there was something amiss with their old website and can safely say all has changed now.

Situated on the road that passes between Southwell and White Post Farm, The Lion is one of those pubs you would only really know about unless you drove past yet it seems to function well between it's place as a village pub and gastro-pub. They've certainly learn that good food will bring people in from the local area and beyond whilst a large bar area will serve drinkers well.

Mothers Day should be a great opportunity to take Mum out for a lovely meal. She wants for nothing so a day or night where someone spoils her is very much to her liking. Sadly she wasn't available this Mothering Sunday so it was decided to do a midweek treat instead the following week. Last year we went to the very impressive Tom Brown's at Gunthorpe so a trip to somewhere different is always good and a great opportunity to put together a review for the blog.

We arrived on time for our meal and were swiftly seated in The Lions very swanky dining area. It's stylish and homely at the same time whilst encouraging friendliness and conversation to flow.

Our Main Meals at The Lion Farnsfield

We opted for two meals off the specials board. Red Snapper with a Lemon and Garlic Risotto, as well as Braised Oxtail,

The Snapper came out looking fantastic with the fish beautifully cooked and easy to flake away with just your fork. The risotto was delicately flavoured and dripping in an oily garlic sauce. The risotto itself was very moist so I'm not sure the dish itself needed to be swimming in sauce but it added a lovely colour to the plate.

Red Snapper on a Garlic and Lemon Risotto @ The Lion
Our second main was the Braised Oxtail. Normally when you slow cook oxtail we would expect it to simply fall away from the bone. On this occassion we were served the oxtail as knuckles and without such a long cooking process it did mean some hard work in clearing the precious meat from the bone. We'd have liked to have seen it cooked for longer for less effort but it was beautifully flavoured in a moorish red wine gravy which added well to the dish.

Braised Oxtail @ The Lion

Desserts at The Lion, Farnsfield

For dessert we opted for the Black Forest Cheesecake and Treacle Sponge. Both came out looking lovely with the Black Forest Cheesecake looking particularly well put together with a subtle chocolate cheesecake with cherries to add the Black Forest effect.

Black Forest Cheesecake @ The Lion

Treacle Sponge with Honeycomb Ice Cream at the Lion

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