What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The White Horse Cafe. Searching for Nottinghams best takeaway food

Searching for Nottinghams best takeaway food

The White Horse Cafe. Radford, Nottingham
The White Horse Cafe, Radford, Nottingham
The old White Horse Inn Public House in Radford has been converted into a cafe, takeaway and sheesha bar while maintaining it's beautiful old style pub frontage
The Old Pub style frontage of the White Horse is from it's former days as a public house
While it looks impressive from the main road and in stark contrast to the modern surrounding student accomodation of Raleigh Court and the Opal complex, a cafe and restaurant is ultimately judged on it's food. The White Horse Cafe specialises in Curries, Pizza and Kebabs to help try to satisfy the local students appetite for economical yet hearty food.
Home style Chicken and Lamb Curries feshly prepared at the White Horse
I love a nice simple lunch. especially when I'm at work so often tend to go for a home style curry. The White Horse always have a good selection on offer as well as home style lamb and chicken options which are extremely popular in takeaways around the Radford area.

My Homestyle Curry from the White Horse, Nottingham

Homestyle Chicken Curry from the White Horse Nottingham

When you look at the curry above you can definitely see a lot of one thing- chicken. The portions of curries from teh White Horse aways have a good healthy amount of meat which is what I personally look for in a Curry. I'm looking for flavour and i'm looking for a healthy amount of meat

The home style curry tastes great. It is slightly on the spicy side. You can pick out a couple of pieces of green chillies in the photo above and these clearly add a kick to the curry

Overall a nice lunch time Curry.

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  1. Great curry review. I will definitely try the curry. I like to order takeaway food online from ChefOnline. Have you ever tried this?

  2. Thanks Ian, I have to admit it's very very rare I'll order takeaway online- I like to see where I'm ordering from. Online gives great variety though.