What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Larch Farm, Ravenshead Review. A great option for a Nottingham Fish Lover

I'm a big fish lover however aside from Loch Fyne there's very little specific options around Nottingham for someone that really loves fish on the menu. There's usually 3-4 fish courses no matter where you go and they're usually fairly standard choices.

Larch Farm Restaurant and BB is situated just off the A60 in the affluent village of Ravenshead.

Larch farm advertise on the main road their prime catch seafood. Whether it's mussels, scampi or salmon they have something for everyone

My Starter.
Scallops with Chorizo and Lemon Salsa
Scallops with Chorizo and Lemon Salsa at Larch Farm, Ravenshead
Awesome huge slices of chorizo topped with some large succulent scallops and drizzled with lemon salsa to provide saltyness from from the chorizo and zestyness from the salsa. A gorgeous starter although for me there was maybe a little too much salad. I know people that could have had this as a main on it's own!

Main Course
Jumbo Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas 
Jumbo Fish and Homemade Chips with Mushy Peas at Larch Farm, Ravenshead
A huge piece of fish of over a foot long (this is a giant, not a regualar plate) which came out in what appeared to be more of a tempura batter than the usual batter you'd expect. Coupled with soft moist cod this was one fantastic pieces of fish. The chips were more like chip-shop chips and to me could have done with a little longer in the fryer,

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