What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Clock Warehouse Pub Shardlow- 2 For A Tenner Review

Heading out to meet a friend from the Derby area recently it was questionned- where could we meet for a drink and a bite to eat on a Friday evening. I remember going down the Canal at Shardlow, Derbyshire with the family when I was little but would never have been able to remember where prior to a recent cycling training ride which took me through Shardlow and over the Canal past The Clock Warehouse.
The Clock Warehouse, Shardlow. An old converted mill on the Trent and Mersey Canal
From the exterior this does not look like a run of the mill chain pub despite being run by Marstons the Clock Warehouse has a real character. It also has fantastic access to the nearby Heritage Centre Museum next door and is very close to Shardlow Marina so you can really make the most of a visit.

Lots of pubs and restaurants seem to want to offer two meals for a set price these days and if you're out on a budget it means you can get exceptional value for money. Sometimes the menu can be a little bit limited but if you're willing to have a slightly limited choice it allows a meal on a budget.

I personally ordered a Traditional Beef Burger (without salad) and this bad boy came out
Awesome size Traditional Beef Burger at the Clock Warehouse, Shardlow

I would estimate that my burger must have been about 8oz. It was huge and tasted fantastic. I've had pub burgers before when they've been more like a flat patty- Not here.

Add to it some fantastic chunky chips that came out piping hot, crispy on the outside and ultra fluffy on the inside and you have a fantastic pub style meal.

My fellow diner went for their Farmhouse Pie and was also quite shocked by the size
Farmhouse Pie at the Clock Warehouse, Shardlow
The only negative for us was that we didn't attend on a better evening where we would have been able to have gone for a walk down the canal and seen the beauty of the area. I'm sure we'll return at some point in the summer for a review of that too!

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