What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Friday, 5 January 2018

Jemma visits Kayal Indian restaurant

Jemma visits Kayal Indian restaurant

Kayal Nottingham

I’ve been eyeing this place up for a little while but never seem to have the chance to go and try. So when over the Christmas period I had a girly meet up with one of my closest friends for gossip and to give each other Christmas gifts it seemed the perfect opportunity. My friend Carly had never eaten here and we both love a good curry.

Poori Bread is a little different to Naan

The atmosphere in the restaurant was rather relaxed considering it was well into the festive period and we found a nice table and were given plenty of time  to decide what wanted to order. There were so many interesting sounding dishes that it took us quite some time to make a decision. 

We both decided on Ammachi Pidiyum Kozhiyum and the Kayal Fish Curry with Poori fried flat bread. No Naan bread in sight on the menu at Kayal however plenty of other interesting options

Ammachi Pidiyum Kozhiyum

The Ammachi Pidiyum Kozhiyum- We really didn’t know what to expect but this came as two dishes. One with the curry and another with dumplings in a mild flavoursome white sauce which could be put into the curry to tone down the heat . The curry itself was between a mild and medium head- delicate in taste with very tender chicken pieces. The dumplings were fluffy as you would expect but the texture added a uniqueness to the curry. The dumplings meant that you wouldn't really need the standard side of rice with the dish and this worked well

The Kayal Fish Curry 

Kayal Fish Curry had a little more to it looking like a masala but had slightly more heat than Ammachi Pidiyum Kozhiyum.  This suited the fish rather well, it  was firm but not overcooked.  Carly would have this curry again hands down.  The sauce was a perfect consistency for the Poori bread to mop up.

We enjoyed both curries but my next visit will be sampling different curries and there is a sampler set menu option where you get bits of this and that to taste.  

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