What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Nottingham Food Assembly- Internet Shopping Meets the Producer

The Nottingham Food Assembly Launches Friday 5th August 

The Nottingham Food Assembly

The practice is very simple. You put in your orders online and collect from a central location on a Thursday evening with producers bringing goods directly to the assembly. This allows you to meet them and even see what else they have to offer over a coffee or glass of wine in a relaxed setting.
A real benefit to Nottinghamshire is the food exchange claims that for every £1 spent 90 pence stays within the local community so instead of feeding the pockets of chief executives a Food Assembly. The customer helps to fuel local producers with 80% of profits going to them instead of traditionally 15-25% when sold through supermarkets.
Companies currently involved with the Nottingham Food Assembly include some suppliers of very high end produce. If you're looking for meals at bargain prices it might not be the place for you however if you're looking for niche products and something that little bit special it may well be a good consideration. 
  • Artisan bread from Spelt and Rye and the Small Food Bakery; 
  • Vegetarian meals from Inspired by Vegetables 
  • Meat from Smith Hall Organic Farm
  • Pasteurised milk from Belvoir Ridge Creamery.
  • And more
The online launch for the Nottingham Food Assembly is Friday 5th August, with the online marketplace open Friday through to Tuesday for Thursday collection at the Duke of Cambridge Public House on Woodborough Road, Mapperley.
To join the Food Assembly please visit https://foodassembly.com/en/assemblies/7809 
There's also a selection of price information on the website so you can compare what's on offer to your current shopping habits and what might take your fancy. Whilst it sounds a fantastic idea it's also worth considering local companies like Burrows Meats and Robert Bowring Butchers offering locally grown and sourced produce at sensible prices

It's like a supermarket but certainly not as we all know it and certainly nowehere near as cheap. A Food Assembly brings together online shopping and farmers markets without the hassle of excessive travel. It offers consumers a way to obtain high quality local produce whilst supporting local business with food travelling short distances to help decrease it's carbon footprint.

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