What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Taste Nottingham Dessert in Revolucion de Cuba

We've been wanting to try Revolucion de Cuba for a while after hearing lots of good things about it's fresh interior and adventurous Latin inspired menu making it one of Nottingham's current crop of places to be seen. Whether it's for a group party or cocktails on a night out, it seems that Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham is the place to be.
Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham's interior is a world away from the old Long Island
Gone is the dingy feel of the old Long Island, replaced with a bright, airy and feelgood venue well worth a visit. It definitely feels more like somewhere you could sit and chat whilst listening to something Latin inspired.

Revolucion de Cuba's Iconic Interior- You're never too far from Che Guevara
Coming towards the end of our Taste Nottingham Moving Feast experience we were here for dessert. After casting our eyes over the menu's it feels that Revolucion de Cuba could be a great place for Tapas. Having lost La Tasca from the city it could be that Revolucion takes over with our needs for holiday inspired flavours. With an evening menu available Monday to Thursday it's worth being aware that if you come at the weekend there will be more shaking than baking being done.

Out came our Churros. Thin sticks of fried pastry with a toffee sauce (with rum of course!) and a chocolate sauce for dipping. Very much like long thin donuts and served a nice dipping dessert worth trying for anyone who likes to create a little mess

Churros at Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham,

Che Guevara

Cubans Love their American Cars

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