What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Monday, 15 February 2016

Saturday Night at the Handmade Burger Co

The Handmade Burger Co Nottingham
I have to admit I usually find it hard to get enthusiastic about a burger. I hear people raving about this or that burger place and I think to myself that it's just a burger. Jem on the other hand is a little more enthusiastic so an invite to come and check out their food for a review was right up her street. With myself tagging along to see what the fuss was all about. We wouldn't usually head out for a burger with such a vast choice across the city but we'll often plump for one at the pub.

With a very modern glass frontage and hard to miss signage Handmade Burger Co is clearly making the most of it's prominent point at the entrance to the Intu off Mansfield road.

The Handmade Burger Co Nottingham,

The interior is very slick with a modern decor. We described it as a little on the moody side but in a positive way that gives the Handmade Burger Co a really nice character inside. The dining area was also exceptionally spacious.

If you're looking for comfort make sure you ask for one of the comfy booths to the left side of the restaurant. They're not quite at the level of 'sink into and fall asleep' comfy but they will give you a nice chance to relax if you've had a hard days shopping.

Aim to grab one of the comfy booths if available

The Surprise- No Starters

On looking at the menu something hit us straight away- no starters. It's something we rarely don't see on a menu although the reality is pretty simple- If you're after a burger you're probably not so fussed on a starter anyway.

Ordering your food is simple. Choose what you want, make a note of your table number and order up at the bar. If you're lucky you might get table service if things are on the quieter side although generally you will need to head up to the bar and order.

Our Burgers

With quite an extensive choice on the menu I opted for the full on protein option of the Macho Barbecue Beef, Chicken, Cheese and Bacon Burger with one beef patty, two thinly sliced pieces of chicken,

The Macho BBQ Beef and Chicken burger came with one half of the bun spread with barbecue sauce and the other coated with mayo. With a big beef patty and a couple of large pieces of sliced chicken breast it was certainly hitting my protein needs for the day. The burger was well cooked and juicy with the chicken being nice and succulent.

A lovely topping of cooked smokey bacon and grilled mature cheddar this was one hell of a burger that will definitely appeal to those of us with big big appetites. Served with some fresh tomato slices, red onion and a lettuce leaf and my personal choice of an extra flat mushroom.

The meat was all beautifully cooked, burger bun nice and soft yet it just felt the burger was a little lacking at first. Having tried numerous barbecue sauces the one on my Handmade Burger Co burger lacked any oomph or bite. The burger itself was great, just the barbecue relish lacking flavour and very mild which left me reaching for the sharper Fire Roasted Chilli Pepper sauce on the table for something to add to my meat.

The Macho Barbecue Beef, Chicken, Cheese and Bacon Burger

Jem opted for the Texas Chilli Cheese Extreme burger which is part of the Pit range.  This is the 1st burger where she had to wrestle with not just its size but packed a mighty punch in the chilli department.  As a bona fide chili fan she loves things with a kick and when things are advertised as the "hot one".  To then find out could given it to her 5 year old niece.  Seeing this burger was a quandary on how to eat it. With burgers getting bigger and more flamboyant it was too big to pick up and bite into the burger. Jem opted for the additional crushed avocado which was a saving grace to aid cooling the chilli kick.  For good measure was even treated to some Jalapeno chillis inside too.

Alongside our burgers we'd opted for a portion of Sweet Potato Fries which were beautifully cooked- Fluffy in the middle with a lovely crispy outer. Just how we like them.

The Handmade Burger Co Sweet Potato Fries
We also opted for the Denver Fries from the Pit Range. Potato chips topped with cheese, 'slow n low' 6 hour marinated pulled pork and BBQ pit sauce. These were so good I think we'd happily pop in for lunch and have a portion to keep us going without a burger. There's something about cheesy chips and the addition of barbecue pulled pork over the top makes for an awesome side. Maybe the Handmade Burger Co should consider using this for a more modern take on the humble 'Chip Cob' as it would work a real treat. Whilst the pulled pork was a little on the dry side the sauce added plenty of moisture to even out that little bit of dryness and we loved the BBQ sauce which really would be great on the burgers instead of the relish used.

The amazing Denver Chips
Instead of the traditional tomato sauce there was something slightly different on the table. We love our chilli sauces so a Mexican Green Chilli sauce and Fire-roasted Chilli Pepper sauce are a fantastic addition to the table. Hopefully they introduce a little bit more spice and warm into diners lives.

Chilli Sauces to add some fire to your burger


We opted for the sharing size of the Brownie and Waffle Sundae to cool us down. Jem certainly needed it after the heat from her Texas burger. Our sundae was filled with pieces of warm brownie and stodgy waffle surrounded by smooth vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate and toffee sauce with a very generous servicing of cream on the top. It looked awesome. 

Every mouthful was different with generous chunks of brownie and waffle adding a complexity to this dessert that made it a pleasure to devour. The vanilla ice cream works well to add a subtle contrast. It's supposed to be a sharer but I think I could easily tackle it on my own. 

Brown and Waffle Sundae- A sharer in most people's world.

For someone who would usually go out for something exotic over a hearty burger I was impressed by the Handmade Burger Co. The food was hearty and well put together. Aside from the meek barbecue relish the burgers were fantastic. Nothing added and full of good quality ingredients. Definitely worth a visit and well worth a portion of Denver Chips again.

Handmade burger Co. Nottingham
Unit R1 (Clocktower entrance)
intu Victoria Centre
Tel: 0115 941 1078

If you're shopping in town and looking for lunch Handmade Burger Co would be a great option. We were invited to visit through their PR company and whilst we were more than happy to accept their food without paying we value our morals and the above is our own thoughts and impressions of the visit in the same manner as if we'd paid.

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