What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Time Out Cafe- Asian Fusion Inspired Street Food Review

Visting Nottingham's Newest Cafe- Time Out Cafe Review

The idea of somewhere offering Asian-inspired street food in Nottingham really got our attention recently when we first heard about Time Out Cafe having opened recently just off Wheeler Gate a short stumble from the Market Square. 

The short walk from Time Out Cafe to Market Square and the tram

Nottingham, In my eyes has been crying out for somewhere to relax whilst working away on the laptop with a coffee and something to nibble away on which isn't a frapaccino, deli sandwich or bagel as I don't find Starbucks a good working environment. On first impressions Time Out could be that place with a relaxed and contemporary feel. It also feels like the kind of environment where we could easily meet a friend for a coffee if there's anything left in the wallet after a shopping spree. The cafe is a new and ambitious venture from a group of former Nottingham University students who've seen an opportunity in the area and committed to the venture without gently dipping their toes into the water.

The contemporary decor at Time Out Cafe

More of Time Out Cafe's interior decor

For food, we opted to start with the Spring Rolls which we were assured were quiet unique to what we had likely experienced before as they were of the Vietnamese variety. We were therefore intrigued to see what they would be like. The menu itself was simply produced on A4 paper but we were assured a better, finalized printed version would be available in future. The menu itself was varied although whilst lacking details we given a great verbal description of what the food actually was and how it would come to allow us to make an informed choice.

Time Out Cafe Review
Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Takoyaki
On their arrival we were treated to spring rolls with a very light batter and a lightly sweet chili sauce which tasted awesome. Our spring rolls featured a light and succulent prawn centre

We had also opted to shared between us some Takoyaki. Octopus dough balls with a horseradish dressing. These were lovely and light with beautifully moist filling. The creamy horseradish also added a nice sour note to the palate and was a welcome addition.

Korean Carbonara Rice Cake

Along with the Takoyaki and Spring Rolls we also ordered a main course of a rather intriguing sounding Carbonara Rice cake to take a chance. We were greeted with a Korean inspired fusion of an Italian style cheese sauce, laced with fine chili for a slightly spiced edge with Korean rice cakes (A quick search on google and I think they're called garaetteok ). They make a great alternative to pasta and feel lighter on the stomach too and certainly something we'd consider picking up if we see them on offer at one of Nottingham's Asian supermarkets.

Nottingham Food Lovers Blog
More of the Carbonara Rice Cake

The Carbonara rice cake was very easy to eat, laced with ham and mushrooms with a light yet creamy sauce. It was of a good size for a main meal and was certainly filling enough as a main
course on it's own although we were happy to share and sample between us.

Drinks wise we could have easily opted for a coffee or soft drink. Time Out Cafe doesn't have an alcohol license but we don't feel that detracts from your visit. We opted for a Thai Green Tea which came out very different to the green tea we're used to as it's more like a green tea latte made with hot milk. Wonderfully creamy and definitely recommended

The Thai Green Tea was worth a visit for alone. Definitely one to try
What we want to see- Clean Plates

To find out more you can visit Time Out Cafe or just pop in for a drink on Wheeler Gate just off the Market Square.

Time Out Cafe Details
First Floor,
14-16 Wheeler Gate,
Nottingham, NG1 2NB


Tel: 0115 837 3610

Opening Hours

Wed - Sat     11:00-23:00 hrs
Sun - Tues   13:00- 23:00 hrs

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