What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mothers Day on a Budget- Inexpensive Food Treats for Mum

Treating Mum on a Budget

Mothers Day is a fantastic way to say thank you for all the hard work, all those trips to the medicine cabinet, all those lifts to school, the moments when you need a tissue and generally she's always got your back when you need it.

As with any celebration it can get get expensive as the supermarkets and restaurants try to cash in on our motherly love. That's why we've come up with a few suggestions to help you celebrate Mothers Day on a budget and keep the costs down. Whether you're a six year old looking for inspiration or flown the nest there should be an inexpensive way to treat your mum.

1. Treat Her To Breakfast in Bed

Roberts Bakery Soft and Fluffy Bread
There's nothing quite like breakfast in bed on mothers day
One of the easiest and cheapest options you could try for Mothers Day is preparing and taking up breakfast in bed. It's amazing what you could do with a few slices of bread, a ramekin filled with jam, another with butter, a knife and a plate which keeps things pretty simple and you're more than likely to have the everything in a cupboard and the fridge at home.

If you wanted to complicate things further (and if safe to do so) consider a full English breakfast complete with poached eggs. Or one of our favourites is a soft boiled egg complete with soldiers and they're so easy to do.

Roberts Bakery Soft and Fluffy Bread
Soft-boiled egg and soldiers. An inexpensive treat for your mum.,
Breakfast in bed is all about the effort you've gone to. So make sure your breakfast in bed with supplied with a freshly brewed tea, coffee or glass of orange juice and for extra kudos head out into the garden, grab a few snowdrops or daffodils and tie them together on the tray.

2. Bake Your Mum a Cake

Pretty much every mum loves cake and baking isn't exclusive to Mr Kipling or Mrs Crimbles only. If you struggle in the kitchen you could easily rope in Dad (or maybe not!) or a sibling for assistance and you can even cheat by buying a pre-made cake mix from the likes of Betty Crocker at the supermarket that often need you to add the right amount of water and potentially eggs.

Victoria Sponge- Relatively easy to make and a real classic cake to please mum.

3. Take Your Mum For A Picnic

If your mum loves the great outdoors and the weather allows, a picnic is a lovely way to celebrate mothers day. Consider heading out to one of her favourite spots, whether it's where she used to take you as children or somewhere that holds fond memories to her and spoil her.

Take your mum to one of her favourite spots for a picnic. 
A picnic just wouldn't be right without some nice sandwiches. We're currently loving Roberts Bakery soft and fluffy loaves which make awesome sandwiches (and toast as we used it for the image at the top of the page). Fill your sandwiches with a selection of nice fillings, add a few extras like pork pies, crisps and maybe even some cakes and you have a nice selection.

If it's a cool day prepare a nice hot flask of tea and coffee or make up a nice bottle of cordial and your good to go.

If you pack paper cups and plates you'll also not have to worry about the washing up either.  

4. Create A Mothers Day Treat Basket

If you can't be with your mum to spoil her and maybe have to send her gift in the post you might want to consider creating a small food treats basket for your mum. There are plenty of pound shops that you can pick up a small basket to fill up. Small and compact will keep the cost down. 

Fill your basket with a array of nice foodie things your mum loves. A nice jar of preserve, speciality chutneys and small bars of chocolate will all put a smile on her face and show that you've put some consideration into her gift which means so much more than spending money.

We hope we've given you some inspiration for mothers day or simply treating your mum whilst on a budget. We'd also love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.  

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