What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Monday, 9 February 2015

Whale and Chips at the Nags Head Woodborough

Living on the edge of Nottingham means it's easy to head out into the surrounding villages for a drink or bite to eat at a nice Nottinghamshire Country Pub. We have a great selection to choose from across the county and one of our regulars is the Nags Head in Woodborough. It's one of those places we go where as a family we want to get together without going formal or too far from home.
The Nags Head Woodborough Menu

My parents have been going there for years and tell stories of regularly visiting the Nags Head on the way home from fishing the Trent down at Gunthorpe or Shelford. Fortunately it's also just a 10 minute drive from my parents which means it's an easy evening out with a bite to eat. There's usually a few ales on the tap too which keeps my inner CAMRA drinker happy but I'm more than happy to drive and indulge in a full-fat Coke.

The Nags Head is the home of what my dad calls "Whale and Chips" and he comes from a family for whom a big meal is a good meal. He likes flavors too but for him it's all about that initial appearance of size. It's the same at Christmas where he would rather open a big huge present than a little one.

Whale and Chips. Fish and Chips at the Nags Head Woodborough
I'm not usually one for fish and chips but today I felt the urge to see just what the fuss over dads "Whale and Chips" is all about as he raves about the place and what they serve. What you see above is my plate as I asked for no mushy peas. Two good sized pieces of battered fish and a nice big portion of chips and I can see where he's been coming from all these years. Dad opted for the same (with mushy peas) although mum opted for something a little meatier- Beef Bourguignon.

Mum's Beef Bourguignon

We were all perfectly happy with our meals. For a change I really enjoyed the Fish and Chips. I'm normally of the impression that a good piece of fish shouldn't be ruined with a thick layer of breadcrumbs or in a greasy batter. Work colleagues argue that this is the best of British dishes (Which just so happens to be of Israeli origin if my general knowledge serves me right) but for me a good piece of fish needs little additional sauce or seasoning with the exception of a fish curry.

Take Your Pick- All the Usual Pub Favourites at the Nags Head

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