What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Abdication- Nottingham's Newest Micropub Review

Arnold seems to be a hub of activity for drinkers now as since the re-opening of the Robin Hood and Little John we now also have a new micropub on Mansfield road- The Abdication.

Almost disguised amongst a small row of shops on Mansfield Road in Daybrook is The Abdication. You would struggle to tell it's a pub without a closer look except for the very subtle frosted glass in the window which you could easily miss while driving along Mansfield Road.
The exterior of The Abdication Micropub, Nottingham

The interior is very simple with a large beige walled main room feeding through to an additional seating area towards the rear. Everything seems to have been reclaimed or recycled within the Abdication and whilst nothing really seems to match it creates a degree of charm which could have easily been overdone if more had been packed into the building The interior feels far too dated for my personal taste as yet another pub gets onto the retro memorabilia bandwagon but I know may people like that nostalgia and certainly wouldn't expect a micropub to have a big budget for interior decorating. 
Inside has a very rustic feel. It's part of the Coronation Buildings which were built by Home Brewery to mark the the accession to the throne of his brother King George, after Edward's abdication as a result of ab affair. Hence the very fitting name although it's likely that many local residents wouldn't have had a clue on this.

The Abdication offers a nice relaxed place to get together with friends over a beer. It's a little rough around the edges which I hope the owners with address over time but in essence it has a real potential charm to entice drinkers in. 

If you compare the Abdication to the Doctors Orders micropub in Sherwood one of it's big pluses is that you get to see your beer served from the pump in front of you so you know exactly what you're getting. 

On The Pumps at The Abdication Micropub
Milestone Black Pearl, Llangollen Bitter, Reet Pale and Silver Sun Ales at the Abdication, Daybrook 
From the bar we decided to go for a Milestone Brewery Black Pearl and Llangollen Bitter. The OH has always fancied making some ale from one of the Milestone brewing kits that she's seen available. Milestone's Brewery is based in Nottinghamshire from just outside of Newark. It's a rich Stout with a smokey, roasted flavour that makes it very easy to drink.
I wentr for the Llangollen Bitter. Llangollen is a Brewery I've never heard of despite a few trips into Wales over the last few years. The bitter was surprisingly lightly flavoured with a real citrus aroma with orange that I would definitely drink again if I got the chance.
We finished off by sampling a Reet Pale. A pale ale from the Blue Bee Brewery. This was definitely not my cup of tea. It tasted more like drinking soap which I find a characteristic which puts me off a lot of pale ales. The OH really liked it however which just shows how very different our tastes are when it comes to beers. 

 A Selection of The Abdication's Retro Memorabilia

Breweriana at The Abdication, Arnold, Nottingham

Breweriana at the Abdication Micropub, Nottingham

Would we go back to The Abdication?

Definitely. It seems a nice, relaxed drinking atmosphere which has real potential longer terms. It's certainly somewhere that locals will continue to support as an alternative to Arnold's current drinking scene and easy access to Nottingham via buses on Mansfield road it certainly has potential to be a regular stop-off for us. 

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