What's on the menu?

What's on the menu?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What Beer Do They Drink In Sardinia?

Having just returned from an awesome week of sun, sea, fantastic food and nice beer in Sardinia a friend inspired this post by asking me. "What beer do they drink in Sardinia?"

Sardinia's people are known to drink the most beer when compared to mainland Italy despite the island producing some very impressive wines which you'll often not find outside Sardinia.

Prior to travelling we'd thought that we may be treated to glasses of Peroni or Birra Moretti but in reality in Sardinia the main beer that everyone seems to be drinking is Ichnusa. Ichnusa is named after the ancient Latin name for Sardinia, Hyknusa. It's brewed in Assemini, near Cagliari.
Savouring an Ichnusa Sardinian Beer Overlooking Lu Bagnu, Castelsardo, Sardinia

Whether it's the older local men sat outside a local bar at midday in big numbers, (Us Brits can easy get confused by what the Italians call a bar- To us it's more like a cafe that sells alcoholic drinks too) or watching Italy get knocked out of the Brazil 2014 World Cup in a pub, Ichnusa was the main beer that everyone was drinking on our visit to Sardinia.

Served chilled, Ichnusa is a relatively light, easy drinking summer beer. It's a light and hoppy lager which goes down particularly well when the mercury rises and you head towards the shade of a beach bar. At 4.7% it's a mild continental lager and it's straw-colour shows a subtle bitterness in it's flavour.

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